What’s the best business name generator in 2019?

Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s actually quite difficult to name a new business. Many people are making business plans before they find a suitable for their business and once they are done, they are spending hours or even days finding the right name for their business. Luckily, we are living in the age of the Internet when doing research is much easier and simpler especially when you have the right tools on your side. In this case, these tools come in the form of a business name generator.

These business name generators are specially designed software solutions that people can use online whenever they are looking for fresh name ideas for their new business. Over time, the increased popularity of these tools has led to the introduction of dozens of name generators. If you want to stick to the best name generators for business names, keep reading because we have a list of top solutions for you.

Wordlab Name Generator

Many tools like this are able to create hundreds and thousands of results. According to Wordlab Name Generator management, their tool can create seven million different names. This is a free option which comes with an extensive search list with unique names that can be used in literally any industry/niche.

In case you want to use extra features that can help the naming process and other business processes, then you can use the paid version. It’s worth mentioning that Wordlab has a forum where you can get many name suggestions once you create a thread and explain your needs to the users.


Another great option for those who are interested in using a name generator for business purposes is NameStation. This is a free solution which is very simple to use. All it takes to create a list of fresh names is to type a keyword or a few keywords in the search box. This efficient tool will come up with suggestions in a matter of seconds. The good thing is that you can get suggestions with synonymous words too.

If you want to conduct another search, you can save some of the results and mark your favorites before you do that. Just like in the case of Wordlab Name Generator, NameStation has a community which can also help you pick the best business name.


You can tell by the name of this name generator tool that it’s all about creativity and imagination and using wordplay to help future business owners get the right name for their business. To start the process, you will have to share some basic info with the platform. As a result of that, you can expect to get more precise suggestions.

What’s important is that NameSmith doesn’t create artificial names that don’t make sense – it just plays with the keyword or keywords you’ve shared. With the help of prefixes, suffixes, synonyms and deliberately misspelled words, you might find the most creative name for your business for free.

Dot-O-Mator Name Generator

According to many experts, Dot-O-Mator Name Generator is one of the most successful name generators found online. This tool was used by hundreds of people that have accepted the tool’s suggestions and created successful businesses.

There’s an interesting mechanics behind this tool. Typically, users have to enter a word or two or more words. After that, they have to select some endings suggested by the tool or created by you. Next, you have to use the Combine button to create a mixture of the words and a unique business name. Once you are finished, you can check the domain name availability.

Shopify Name Generator

Of course, this is another very popular solution among business owners interested in name generators. The famous eCommerce platform has done a great job with this tool. Thanks to Shopify Name Generator you don’t have to analyze dozens of suggestions that don’t make any sense. On the contrary, you can expect meaningful, unique and striking name suggestions that can help you make your business stand out from the crowd.

To use this name generator, you will have to provide a few details that will help Shopify Name Generator understand what kind of business you are running. If you finish this in the right way, Shopify Name Generator will provide a plethora of catchy business name ideas.


With a self-explanatory name, Naming.net is one of the best name generators for business purposes at the moment. This is a free tool that comes with different features that support the process of naming and the business development process in general.

The process of generating a name starts with a simple form where you have to provide a keyword, the type of words that you want to combine, the number of desired syllables and a few other things. You can create up to 816 results per page which should be enough for you to get the best name for a company. Keep in mind that Naming.net guarantees that they will provide at least 24 name suggestions. Don’t forget that you can also create business names which contain old Greek and Latin words.

NetSubstance Brand Name Generator

Finally, we have the NetSubstance Brand Name Generator on this list. This is a well-established tool that is used by many people on a daily basis. The design of this tool might be a little bit outdated, but it makes it simpler for users to finish the process faster.

NetSubstance Brand Name Generator comes with a percentage box which allows users to correct the results manually. It is possible to choose the number of vowels or syllables that appears in the suggested names. In addition, every user is free to modify the number of words and the utilization of suffixes and prefixes in a specific way. This specific name generator tool is capable of generating dozens of results in no time.

We hope that you understand how useful business name generators can be and that this list will help you find the right one for your business.

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