Any website requires a web hosting provider to function. A hosting provider gives your website access to servers that enable it to be found online. It also allows you to store your files and share them with the world. There are many web hosting plans these days, but one that is utilized by new website owners is the free hosting plan. To know more about free hosting plans, check out these frequently asked questions:

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Is free web hosting free?

It’s perfectly true that many free web hosting providers offer free web hosting plans. But the downside is that they don’t come with many features and tools like the paid hosting options. Also, most of the free web hosting companies will compel you to place ads on your blog or website. Plus, you are limited to the amount of bandwidth and disc space you can use. That means you won’t be able to receive a lot of traffic or store a lot of files, such as videos, images, and audios to your website.

Is free web hosting useful?

You can run your business with a free hosting plan just like you would with a self-hosted plan. However, with a free web hosting solution, you are limited by the number of server resources you can utilize. Critical hosting features like MYSQL databases, FTP, PHP programming may not be available with free hosting solutions.

I’ve learned that free web host hosting providers compel you to place ads on your blog or website. Is it true for all free web hosts?

Most free web hosting providers compel you to place ads on your website. These ads can come in the form of popups, third-party banner advertisements, and pop-unders. These ads can be annoying to your site visitors. If you can get a free web hosting provider that doesn’t compel you to place ads on your site, the better.

Are there possibilities of upgrading a free web hosting plan?

The main reason why most web hosting providers offer free web hosting plans is they anticipate that someday, their clients will upgrade to paid web hosting. So, yes; most free web hosting providers offer the ability to upgrade your free web hosting plan.

Is the customer support for free web hosting the same as paid options?

One of the man disadvantages of free web hosting is that customer support is not as good as the paid hosting plans. These companies are already offering free hosting services, and they don’t want to incur more expenses by providing customer support.

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