Free web hosting is a common choice for new website owners who don’t have the money to pay for self-hosted solutions. It’s also suited to those that want to run personal blogs that are not intended to generate any income. But even with free web hosting providers, it’s daunting to find the best one with many free options available out there. And when you start looking at the features and the promises the free web hosting providers pitch, it becomes even more overwhelming. But we’ve made your work easier by bringing you the features to look for when choosing a free web hosting solution:

Look at the bandwidth and disc space when choosing a free web hosting provider

Bandwidth refers to the amount of data transferred at a given time. This means that whenever a person visits your website and leaves, bandwidth is used. Also, when visitors view your images, videos and listen to audios, bandwidth is used. Disc space, on the other hand, is the amount of storage space accorded to you by the hosting company. Disc space is primarily used to store your website files, such as images, text, audio, and other kinds of files. So, ensure the free web hosting company offers enough bandwidth to accommodate your customers and store your files.

The free web hosting provider should offer support

Although many free web hosting providers don’t offer support, search for one that offers it. Support is critical when running a blog or website. Technical issues are bound to occur with your hosting, and you would want them addressed quickly. If you don’t have access to support, your website may stall for a long time.

The free web hosting company must offer email services

You need emails to connect with your prospects and customers. And if you’re operating a non-profit making blog or website, an email is handy to interact with your followers. An email is also important to access your site when you can log into it.

The free web hosting provider should have a good uptime record

Uptime is critical to ensuring that your blog or website is always online. Frequent downtimes can be costly. They can be annoying to customers trying to reach your site unsuccessfully. When customers find errors frequently when trying to access your site, they will abandon it for good, and this means loss of sales.


Although many web hosting providers who offer free hosting tend to limit the number of features they offer, these are must-haves when looking to run a website. So ensure they are included as part of the free hosting package before you subscribe.